In addition to crafting engaging copy for websites, blogs and beyond as Copywriter, Hannah’s also a top-notch chef, proud cat parent, adequate athlete and more.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Hannah.


#1 Cat Mom

Hannah’s pride and joy is her small, furry daughter named Mac (A.K.A. Miss Cat.) Every pet owner thinks theirs is the best in the world, but this 5-year-old kitty is truly one of a kind. Mac plays fetch like a dog, sleeps in Hannah’s arms like a teddy bear every night and does an actual happy dance whenever she sees her mom eating ice cream…but can we blame her?

Mac even braved the 21-hour car ride with Hannah when she moved from Nebraska to Arizona — just a girl, her cat, the open road, some pet-friendly sedatives and dreams of nonstop sunshine. After conquering that challenge together, it’s safe to say they’re best friends for life.


Globetrotter Alert

Although her time abroad was short-lived, Hannah traveled to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Barcelona the summer after graduating college; and even spent a night in Oslo, Norway. While she loved putting her Spanish degree to good use in Barcelona, London surprisingly was her top city. The next dream destinations on her travel list are Italy, Greece, Australia and Thailand.

Within the States, Hannah believes any beach in California is hard to beat. A few other favorite locations are Manhattan, Colorado, Chicago and, of course, the city in which she was born and semi-raised — Vegas, baby!


Hungry, Hungry Hannah

The way to a copywriter’s heart is through her stomach. Indian, Greek, Thai and sushi are her most recent cultural cuisine fixations, but this foodie will never turn down a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak and loaded baked potato.

And Hannah likes to cook as much as she likes to eat. Her favorite recipes to make at the moment are creamy sundried tomato and chicken pasta, enchiladas, meatloaf and Cajun stir fry. You’d also be surprised by the wide variety of foods that come out perfectly when cooked in her second pride and joy — the air fryer.


Love at First Lake

Hannah met her significant other, Jeremy, in the most romantic of all settings: a pool bar in the Lake of the Ozarks. The two hardly talked for an entire year, until they both returned to the lake the following summer. Not only did they happen to be vacationing there the same weekend — they were also somehow staying in the same condo complex (out of quite literally hundreds.)

She and her friend were just crazy enough to agree to dinner with his whole family, and the rest was history. The only problem? She lived in Lincoln, NE, and he lived in Saint Louis, MO. Luckily, Jeremy was a traveling financial advisor in pre-COVID times, and visiting a new city for work every week enabled him to easily fly into Nebraska — or fly her out somewhere fun.

After a year and a half of toughing out long distance, they found a place in Phoenix they could both call home in November 2020. As ex-Midwesterners, they equally enjoy the thought of never having to scrape their windshields or slip on ice in the driveway again.


Wait, Sports?

Hannah loves athletics as much as she loves all-things girly. She dabbled in golf, soccer, dance, tennis and track before dedicating the bulk of her time in middle and high school to volleyball.

As a competitive club athlete, you could either find her at practice or at various national qualifier tournaments around the country. Hannah still knows how to send a mean jump serve, but today she channels her athletic skills toward hiking, running and weightlifting.

And don’t get her started on Suns basketball. After a lifetime of disappointment as a Nebraska football fan (sorry, Huskers,) supporting a near-championship team was a whole new world for her. She’s attended several games in her short time in Phoenix and will yell at you if you ever try to change the channel while Devin Booker is on the screen.