While many know our Head of Publicity Katie Brashear as a dedicated, reliable media maven and account advocate, there’s far more to her than meets the eye.

Here are five things you likely didn’t know about this ever-passionate fashion, fitness and feline guru — stretching far beyond her PR expertise.

The Go-To Fashionista

Katie’s affinity for high-end fashion began at a young age. While her elementary peers strived to someday become movie stars, pro athletes or veterinarians — her vision to serve as a beauty editor at Harper’s Bazaar made her one-of-a-kind from the start.

This passion for media and fashion earned her a journalism degree from Arizona State University, with a minor in business and emphasis in public relations. Upon graduating, Katie’s dream was to land a public relations role at a fashion house like Gucci. Her dream came true when she landed a PR job with Neiman Marcus.

Since then, Katie has worked on countless fashion shows and has even personally met designers like Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Stephen Dweck, Stephen Webster, David Yurman and many more.

It’s no wonder she has a designer-laden closet!

A “Hole in One” Athletic Mindset

As someone who grew up as a competitive swimmer and golf-league gal, Katie is no stranger to working out. She loves running an average of eight miles a day (yes, you read that right), getting her sweat on in hot yoga, hiking Arizona’s incredible trails and lifting weights.

She still loves to golf on occasion, but hasn’t had a hole-in-one since she was 10 years old!

All Abroad!

When it comes to traveling, Katie loves to escape to the beach, Mexico and Europe. In college, she studied in Greece, Italy and Tunisia for two months — and can’t wait to venture back. She’s currently dreaming of the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Sicily and Milan.

Among her other favorite destinations are Paris, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Punta Mita, Manhattan Beach and Los Angeles.

Music & Movement

When Katie is on the go — often finding any opportunity she can to get fresh air — you can find her listening to her favorite tunes, which span everything from old school hip-hop and pop hits to EDM, deep house and smooth jazz.

Her current music mood includes The Midnight, The 1975, Sultan and Shepard, Lane 8 and Odesza. Can you say taste?

Cat Lover = Cat Mother

Katie is the proud mom to a tiny 5-pound, 14-year-old black-haired cat named Bella, who she rescued as a kitten from the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Bella sits on Katie’s lap throughout the workday and occasionally decides to make an appearance on Teams calls. Complementing her buttoned-up professionalism, nothing else is sweeter than the purrs of this affectionate kitty.