At first glance, you’d recognize Casey Pessarra as Aker Ink’s multi-talented marketing coordinator, instrumental to our clients’ strategy and success. But beneath the professional veneer, you’ll discover a craft wizard, dedicated homebody and proud Texan — making her a blend of surprises beyond her marketing mastery.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Casey.


The More, the Merrier

The Pessarra family doesn’t do things by halves. Casey comes from a close-knit and extensive family. With five siblings, including a biological brother and stepbrothers and stepsisters, her family tree branches out even further. Her mom is one of three, her dad is one of nine, her stepmom is one of six and her stepdad is one of eight.

Casey’s family is so large that she admits to not knowing all her aunts, uncles and cousins. Despite the size, Casey absolutely loves having a big family. The bigger the family, the bigger the love, right?


Hermit at Heart

While Casey may appear outgoing, she surprises many with her introverted nature. As a little girl, she wouldn’t speak to anyone beyond her immediate family — until kindergarten brought a wave of words. Despite her ability to engage in lively conversations and enjoy the company of others, Casey often finds solace in solitude.

Given the choice between going out or staying home alone, she will almost always choose the latter. Her go-to activities? Cozying up with a book, marathoning her favorite shows and films, and flexing her crafting skills.


Ridin’ High on Texas Pride

Casey’s Texas roots run as deep as a southern drawl on a sweltering summer’s day. Born and raised on the fringes of Houston, her city-girl shell houses a rustic core. Her cowboy step-granddad schooled her in horseback riding, and her angler’s pride includes a formidable 40-inch redfish and a couple of baby sharks.

She may have plans to explore beyond Texas, but — as our only out-of-state team member — her love for the Lone Star state becomes even more pronounced when her Aker Ink teammates present a compelling argument for her relocation to Arizona.


Globe Trotter

Casey has embarked on numerous adventures, having visited 23 states within the U.S. She has also explored various countries, including Canada, Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scotland, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

When it comes to her favorite destinations, it’s a tough choice between Switzerland, Austria and Scotland. But the world is her oyster, and Casey’s got her heart set on Thailand, Croatia, Dubai and Egypt next, alongside her boyfriend Ben.


An Old Soul with Gen Z Lingo

Despite her Gen Z demeanor, Casey has an old soul and a deep appreciation for vintage items. Records, retro clothing, antique furniture and old movies? Yes, please! The ’70s and ’80s fashion trends hold a special place in her heart, and you can often find her rummaging through antique stores and flea markets, hunting for vintage treasure.