If there’s one thing everyone at Aker Ink knows, it’s never to underestimate the magic of Account Executive Lauren Brinkman’s hot pink power suit. And while we are constantly impressed by her PR and relationship-building abilities, there’s much more to Lauren than meets the eye.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Lauren.

Movie Magic in Her Resume

Lauren’s not just about press releases and pitching stories. She’s also left her mark in the world of film and production. For two years, she worked as a set dresser and production assistant, which is why you’ll find her name rolling in the credits of Amazon’s “Goodnight Mommy,” starring Naomi Watts and “Rogue Hostage” with Tyrese Gibson and John Malkovich.

Although her name may not grace the credits of the numerous commercials she’s worked on, her creative touch has certainly left an indelible mark there too.

Nock, Draw, Loose

What else hits the bullseye besides Lauren’s impeccable PR pitches? Her sharpshooting archery skills! Since her teenage years, she has been the proud owner of a real, wooden bow, and you bet she can still send arrows flying straight to the target.

Sweet Life on Jersey Shore

Lauren’s annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore might share a location with the iconic MTV show, but her version is a whole different reality series. Forget “Gym, Tan, Laundry” — for Lauren, it’s more about “Family, Fun, Shoreline.”

Each year for the past two decades, Lauren has split her time at the Jersey Shore between her dad’s side of the family and her mom’s. It’s become one of her favorite places on Earth — a stark contrast to the Seaside Heights made famous by MTV. Yet, she’ll admit she has a soft spot for that brand of shore drama as well.

Elsa Who?

Remember Elsa from “Frozen”? Well, Lauren’s been there, done that. As a classically trained musical theatre major, she’s graced children’s ballet classes as the ice queen herself, belting out “Let It Go” with a flair that would make Disney jealous. This stint in the spotlight has also remarkably sharpened her public speaking skills, blending her stage expertise with her PR savviness to make an impact on any stage.

Nerding it Up

A die-hard fan of all fantastically nerdy things, Lauren’s bookshelf is a tribute to the magic of “Harry Potter,” the dystopian drama of “The Hunger Games” and the moody setting of “Twilight.” However, Lauren’s nerd credentials extend beyond the page.

She is also an anime enthusiast with “Naruto” at the top of a very long favorites list and finds her Nintendo Switch to be a portal to countless gaming adventures. And let’s not forget the Renaissance fair, where she fully embraces historical fantasy.