Understanding the widespread impact and lasting social change generated by the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest (ACLPI), Aker Ink is proudly providing PR, communications and social media services on a pro bono basis.

ACLPI is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to ensuring government accountability and protecting Arizonans’ legal rights. Since 1974, the organization has tirelessly pursued cases with enduring social, public health and environmental impacts statewide. In fact, ACLPI is behind some of the state’s most important landmark cases that:

  • Resulted in crucial funding for schools statewide
  • Increased access to mental health care
  • Protected public health by advocating for clean air and water standards
  • Improved conditions for foster children and other vulnerable populations

“We are honored to lend our expertise to an organization that is so committed to the future of Arizona,” said Aker Ink President Andrea Aker. “We believe in their mission and admire their passion for doing what’s right, no matter how long it takes. We hope additional awareness will bring more support and funding so they can continue to fulfill their mission long into the future.”

Aker Ink will help ACLPI hone its public messaging and spread word about the incredible work that typically happens behind the scenes. Learn more about this work on the ACLPI website.