It’s been a busy year. To celebrate the end of 2019 and welcome 2020, we revisited our most-read blogs of 2019.

#1: Why Every Spokesperson Should Understand the Block and Bridge Technique

Spokespeople are the first to admit that interviews with journalists aren’t always easy. The block and bridge technique can steer the conversation toward more favorable and often mutually beneficial topics. Read more.

#2: These 3 Steps Should Be Part of Any Post-Crisis Communication Strategy

If your organization recently experienced a crisis, an effective post-crisis communication strategy can help you move forward and reflect on a new goal or vision. This post explores how your organization can respond to a crisis and mitigate damage.

#3: Thinking Ahead: Why Preparation is Paramount in Crisis Situations

A company crisis really isn’t a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” Review this blog for information on how to implement the right plan and safeguards to overcome a potential crisis.

#4: How to Respond to Negative Comments Online

Negative comments can put a damper on anyone’s day – but this popular post discusses how they can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

#5: Your Digital Business Card: How to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

We know that LinkedIn is one of the best places for B2B professionals to promote their expertise, products or services. But with so many profiles constantly competing for attention, how can you get yours to stand out? Look no further than this helpful guide to boosting your LinkedIn presence.

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