Aker Ink President Andrea Aker recently completed the nine-month Scottsdale Leadership core program,which informs, inspires and empowers leaders to champion and strengthen the interests of the community. More than 900 community-minded professionals have graduated Scottsdale Leadership. They now serve in leadership roles for civic, business and philanthropic organizations in Scottsdale and around the state.

“This was truly a worthwhile experience,” said Aker. “The relationships and knowledge I have gained will undoubtedly benefit me for many years to come. I’m proud to live and work in Scottsdale, and I’m eager to find new ways to advance the community and contribute further to those in need.”

The National Community Leadership Association recognized Scottsdale Leadership as one of the top five leadership programs in the country. The organization has also been inducted into the Scottsdale History Hall of Fame and is a recipient of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award.