Axis for Autism has developed a new model for streamlining autism diagnosis that’s slashing exorbitant wait times for Arizona families, ensuring they can access life-changing intervention and therapies faster. In fact, the company strives to cut the average age of diagnosis from 4 years and 10 months down to 2 years.

To achieve this goal, Axis for Autism tapped Aker Ink to spread awareness about the service through PR and social media. We are helping the company reach families statewide who are struggling to obtain a diagnosis — often waiting more than a year for an evaluation — and those who are concerned or unsure about the process.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to assist an organization that will undoubtedly change the lives of tens of thousands of Arizonans and beyond,” said Aker Ink CEO Andrea Aker. “We have a mission-oriented team with extensive healthcare expertise, so we jumped at the opportunity to help them spread the word.”

Shortly after coming on board, we established a social media infrastructure and secured targeted media coverage in local broadcast news and community publications. In the near future, we plan to expand our approach to include social media advertising and other digital marketing tactics that will help us directly reach individuals and families with questions about the autism evaluation process.

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