Forbes Business Council, an exclusive networking community for senior executives and business owners focused on professional growth, connection and visibility, turned to Aker Ink CEO and recently recruited councilmember Andrea Aker for guidance on adhering to company values.

In the article, “15 Key Strategies To Ensure Team Alignment With Your Mission And Values,” Andrea joined fellow members in providing advice for keeping teams engaged through a unified mission. She encouraged business leaders to incorporate “mission moments” into team- or department-wide meetings — because while a company’s values may look good on paper, they often don’t translate well into day-to-day work.

“A company’s mission and values won’t hold much meaning if they aren’t lived and breathed throughout the team,” said Andrea.

At Aker Ink, team members share core value accolades and “mission moments” in weekly meetings as part of the standard agenda. Tangibly applied each day, the agency’s values include:

  • Quality: Critical thinking, resourcefulness and adhering to deadlines are the pillars of producing high-quality work.
  • Strategic Thinking: A clear vision and set of actions that aligns to the client’s brand and goals will set them ahead of their competitors.
  • Continuous Improvement: Dedicate time to build a network and connections in the PR, marketing and creative fields. Continually seek out best practices, including new ways of thinking and executing.
  • Positive, Can-Do Attitude: In the face of both opportunities and challenges, proactivity, creativity and enthusiasm ensure the most successful outcomes.
  • Balance: Maintain a healthy work/life balance that includes physical and mental wellness. Be flexible, when necessary, to meet goals.

Proving these team alignment efforts worthwhile, Aker Ink recently earned repeat recognition as a Top 10 Media Workplace Culture in Ranking Arizona, as well as the #1 Boutique PR Firm in the state for the fourth consecutive year.

Read the full Forbes article here.