In a live webinar, CEO of Aker Ink Andrea Aker shared insights with Arizona Innovation Marketing Association (AZIMA) members on how to leverage public relations tactics to fuel search optimization (SEO) and digital strategies. Diving into what PR really is and how it fits into today’s technology landscape, Andrea shed light on the ever-evolving nature of PR and how it plays an increasingly critical role in marketing.

Andrea also discussed the nuanced differences between traditional and digital PR, sharing key distinctions among the PR, marketing and advertising disciplines. The webinar was designed to help digital marketers better engage with PR professionals, ultimately allowing them to generate better results through strategic integration. In practice, this yields collaborative campaigns, cross-training, consistent content, clear communication and alignment on shared objectives.

Founded in 2009, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization setting the standard in interactive marketing in Arizona through education, events, networking, scholarships and recognition of excellence. As a board member, AZIMA regularly turns to Andrea Aker for insightful PR learnings. The agency has also been honored with several of their awards throughout the years, most recently earning Mastery recognition in their Search Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Campaign category at the TIM Awards.

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