Amid continued growth in Aker Ink’s thriving PR practice, Katie Brashear has advanced from Account Director to Head of Publicity, and Danielle Grobmeier has been promoted from Senior Account Executive to Account Director. Both professionals bring an expert-level edge to their respective crafts, delivering exceptional results across their client portfolios.

Katie joined Aker Ink as an Account Director to lead and execute high-impact public relations campaigns at the local and national levels for a variety of B2B and B2C clients. Her 20-plus years of experience delivering dynamic communications, coupled with her knack for securing top-notch local, regional, national and international media coverage, have been instrumental in Aker Ink’s continued growth and expanded PR offerings.

Danielle came to the agency as a Senior Account Executive, bringing more than a decade of communications, marketing and PR experience as well as a nuanced perspective as a former journalist. Since joining, Danielle has served as a strong public relations strategist and produced compelling written work of the highest quality – from contributed articles on technical topics to executive website bios peppered with storytelling.

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