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May 2024

Financial tips for business owners planning for succession, latest real estate trends in the valley, balancing employee insurance needs of three generations, how personal injury mediation works

April 2024

Consolidate credit card debt, financial strategies to improve workforce retention, weighing benefits of GLP-1s for employee wellness, legal recourse for bad home remodeling

March 2024

How an Election Year impacts your financial planning, what Valley homebuyers & sellers need to know right now, what to know about the recent changes to FAFSA

Our Top 5: What’s Hot & What’s Coming

  • Creative Tax Strategies for Businesses: Every business faces unique tax challenges that require creative solutions. What strategies should businesses not overlook when evaluating their tax situation? How can they leverage regular business expenses to mitigate tax liability?
  • Timely Autism Evaluations: More than 15,000 Arizona children are on a waitlist for an autism evaluation, often waiting more than a year for diagnosis. What contributes to this backlog, and what can be done to rectify it? How can ethnic disparities be rectified?
  • Modern Preventive Care for Reversing Risks of Heart Disease & Other Chronic Illness: With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 60% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, prevention has never been more paramount, including in Arizona where heart disease is the leading cause of death. How can individuals reduce these illnesses in their own lives? What advancements in prevention have been made to help limit them?
  • Phoenix Residential Real Estate Market: After a high-flying few years, the Phoenix residential real estate market is beginning to normalize. What is the current state of the market? What impact is population growth having on home sales? What is the market expected to do in the coming months?
  • Commercial Construction Challenges: Higher costs. Labor shortages. Lingering supply shortages. The commercial construction industry faces numerous challenges. What impacts are these obstacles having on construction activity? How are contractors addressing these challenges?

Subject Matter Experts

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Business law and litigation, employment, political/election, healthcare, data privacy/security, real estate, construction, cannabis, psychedelics, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, probate, arbitration/mediation, legal ethics, administrative

Finance & Insurance
Consumer debt, savings, budgeting, financial planning, investment management, wealth management, estate planning, high-net-worth, philanthropy, consumer insurance, business insurance, employee benefits, risk management, bankruptcy

Telehealth, health insurance/benefits, healthcare law, autism, preventive care, chronic illness, heart disease

Commercial Real Estate
Risk management, tax strategies, tax-saving tactics

Public Works
Infrastructure projects, investment, opportunities, transportation, water, emergency management, emergency preparedness, Infrastructure Act

Taxes, tax strategies, M&A, business acquisition, startups, entrepreneurs, commercial real estate, family offices

Law, risk management, accounting, tax strategies, commercial construction

Residential Real Estate
Home sales, interest rates, housing market, Realtors

Business development strategy, communications strategy, digital marketing trends, social media trends, growing startups, brand management, public reputations

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