2020 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Between a pandemic, social uprisings, economic woes and more, B2B content marketers have needed to stay more nimble and reactive than ever (in fact, we wrote a blog about how COVID has irreversibly changed content marketing).

A recent survey from the Content Marketing Institute took stock of how internal content marketers at B2B organizations of all sizes and industries are feeling after a truly topsy-turvy year. These insights are indispensable as we look ahead to 2021, and, heck, even the next editorial calendar.

What were some of the survey’s major findings?

  • In 2020, the most popular types of content were blogs/short articles, email newsletters and case studies.
  • The top-performing social media platform for B2B companies was LinkedIn, with 66% reporting it delivered the best content marketing results compared to other platforms.
  • The use of social media paid advertising increased from 60% to 83%.
  • Of the top five marketing-related areas expected to receive more investment, 70% of respondents predicted content creation and 66% predicted website enhancements.
  • 50% said the pandemic was going to have a moderate long-term impact on their organization’s content marketing success.

Read the full study here.

Over here at Aker Ink, 2020 has reaffirmed our role as roller coaster experts. Instead of clutching our barf bags, we’ve leaned into those nail-biting climbs, breath-taking drops and dizzying loop-de-loops. You can read more about our team’s reflections on the year here.

Of course, we would never agree to get onto a roller coaster without a solid strategy to guide the ride. As Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Advisor Robert Rose offered in the study, it is imperative for organizations to understand how to produce, reuse, repackage and leverage content to its fullest potential. Plus, according to the survey, 84% of B2B organizations outsource their content creation — because it takes time and expertise that a lot of companies simply don’t have.

So, are you ready to consider us your new roller coaster buddies? Learn more about our content marketing services here.