Meet the Team

ANDREA AKER | President & CEO

Andrea is an expert communicator and business strategist with a reputation for tenacity, perseverance and honesty.

Andrea Aker Bio

VALLIERE JONES | Director of Public Relations

Valliere Jones is a public relations agency veteran, having spent 25 years in the trenches writing arresting copy, generating media coverage and garnering awards for clients in a variety of industries.

TIM GALLEN | Account Executive

After a decade of reporting the news, Tim Gallen now plays a key role in telling the stories of Aker Ink clients as an Account Executive.

Tim Gallen Bio


Taylor Renee Haynes is a Los Angeles-based writer with ample experience across the journalistic, marketing and public relations fields.

Taylor Holmes Bio

BRI GIBSON | Marketing Specialist

Bri Gibson brings fresh eyes and an eagerness to help clients achieve their business development goals in her role as Marketing Specialist with Aker Ink.

Bri Gibson Bio

TATUM SHACKLETT | Social Media Strategist

Known for her data-driven approach, Tatum Shacklett is responsible for executing all facets of organic and paid social media campaigns.

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