Pinnacle Financial Advisors, a financial planning and investment advisory firm in Tempe, Ariz., called upon Aker Ink to help the team spread word about the depth of its financial services, and to differentiate itself from a competitive pack with differing values and expertise.

“The knowledge base and attention to detail is incredible at Pinnacle, yet it can be difficult to communicate such a high level of expertise in a crowded marketplace where others make similar claims,” said Aker Ink President Andrea Aker. “Our goal is to create a distinct and memorable brand, unravel jargon in a meaningful way, and help individual team members build their reputations and strategic relationships.”

Aker Ink initiates the process with a strategic planning phase, and then develops a marketing infrastructure to support short- and long-term goals. A new website will serve as the home base for email, social media and content marketing efforts. These tactics will be woven into a comprehensive PR strategy to build credibility and awareness among key audiences in the Valley and Sedona areas, where Pinnacle has offices.

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