With the potential to dominate the protective gear industry, Zoombang tapped Aker Ink to build a marketing infrastructure, augment sales efforts across multiple verticals and execute multi-faceted strategies to position the company for growth.

Featuring a proprietary polymer solution that dissipates shock upon impact, Zoombang is trusted by professional athletes, high school and college players, law enforcement agencies, hobbyists, recreational shooters, industrial workers and more — each with a sport or profession risking physical injury. Yet the company is somewhat of a best-kept secret among exclusive circles, lacking widespread awareness. Aker Ink plans to change that.

“The road ahead is exciting. Zoombang has incredible potential, solid products, collaborative leadership and a strong desire to disrupt the industry,” said Aker Ink CEO Andrea Aker. “The right marketing strategy will make the company unstoppable.”

To lay the foundation for growth, Aker Ink is developing a technology stack to support sales efforts and both event-based and digital lead capture. This will ultimately be integrated into a new website and greater marketing infrastructure. Aker Ink is also taking the lead on message development and comprehensive marketing and PR planning.

“I was in search of a full-service agency that would essentially serve as Zoombang’s marketing department. The expertise that exists within Aker Ink, combined with the team’s nimbleness and passion, made our selection easy,” said Zoombang CEO Joseph E. Morelli. “Once they help us establish a strong sales and marketing infrastructure and revamp our website, I believe the sky is the limit as to what our partnership can accomplish.”

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