How much time is your team spending on content marketing management and administrative tasks – like finding assets, getting correct product information, manually posting content and more – versus actually creating content?

According to a 2020 survey conducted by London Research and Censhare, the answer is likely “too much.” The survey polled more than 727 business professionals working for brands, agencies and technology vendors, with an emphasis on internal marketing teams. Turns out, 60% of respondents said they’re wasting time on these time-consuming administrative tasks that, too often, put content creation on the backburner.

Content marketing (when done right) can be highly beneficial for your business. It includes blogs, case studies, white papers, social media posts, infographics and videos. Depending on your industry and goals, content marketing can be used to educate your target audience, enhance thought leadership, dispel misinformation and support SEO.

However, findings from the survey show the bleaker realities that in-house marketing teams face in content marketing management:

  • More than half of those polled said they waste too much time trying to find content assets that may or may not exist.
  • Nearly 90% said their work should be about creating and implementing ideas, not overwhelming administrative tasks.
  • 74% reported they could add “significantly more value” to their business if there were fewer content-related administrative tasks or if these tasks could be automated.
  • Respondents spend less than half of their time planning and producing content.
  • 63% of survey respondents say their businesses do not have a centralized content management hub – making it hard to manage assets and maneuver quickly.

Unfortunately, too many organizations take a fragmented, siloed and unproductive approach to content marketing. Whether it’s a lack of a centralized hub, gaps in communication or teams simply trying to do too much at once, many companies are missing out on the vast, compounding benefits of content marketing. In addition, as your company scales, your content marketing approach should scale, too.

Plus, it’s not just about creating content. This also means your integrated marketing strategy could quickly fall behind or miss valuable opportunities to reach key audiences at the right times. Without the right or most relevant content, it can take longer to execute campaigns – and, frequently, they’re less effective.

Review the full study for additional insights.


Bypass Content Headaches by Working with Experts

Partnering with a skilled content marketing agency can help your business overcome many of these content management, distribution and scaling challenges. At Aker Ink PR & Marketing, we offer businesses industry-specific recommendations on how to enhance their content marketing approaches, including automating and eliminating many burdensome administrative tasks. Depending on your business structure and goals, we can collaborate with your internal team to streamline existing processes or offer a one-stop shop for content strategy, production and distribution.

Our team includes skilled writers, SEO experts, PR professionals and business strategists who understand how content integrates into other outreach and communication strategies. We set a high bar for quality – and ensure your content is targeted, engaging and error-free.