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Mortgage assistance, bankruptcy, cyber resiliency, partition lawsuits, multifamily trends and more


Autism Acceptance Month, debt consolidation, business insurance rates, life insurance and more

Our Top 5: What’s Hot & What’s Coming

  • Cyber Resiliency & Risk: Worldwide, a ransomware attack hits a business every 11 seconds. How can employers protect themselves and create a cyber resilient environment and culture? What happens in the event of an attack or breach? How will the proposed federal privacy law supported by big tech companies protect Arizona companies and consumers?
  • Timely Autism Evaluations: More than 15,000 Arizona children are on a waitlist for an autism evaluation, often waiting more than a year for diagnosis. What contributes to this backlog, and what can be done to rectify it? How can ethnic disparities be rectified?
  • Multifamily Mania: A boom in multifamily construction and renovation presents numerous challenges and opportunities: How can property owners affordably renovate to remain competitive and attract renters? What legal protections are needed? How has the pandemic fueled these trends?
  • Consumer Finances: As interest rates climb and a recession looms, how can consumers get assistance with mortgages and climbing out of debt? On the high-net-worth end, how can investors diversify and protect their portfolios?
  • Transportation Infrastructure: Investment in transportation infrastructure — from roads, bridges, traffic signals and roundabouts to railroad crossings, mass transit and airports — is critical to protecting economic development. How can funding be prioritized and allocated to fix aging systems?

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Finance & Insurance
Consumer debt, savings, budgeting, financial planning, investment management, wealth management, estate planning, high-net-worth, philanthropy, consumer insurance, business insurance, employee benefits, risk management, bankruptcy

Telehealth, health insurance/benefits, healthcare law, autism

Real Estate
Healthcare real estate market, risk management

Public Works
Infrastructure projects, investment, opportunities, transportation, water, emergency management, emergency preparedness, Infrastructure Act

Law, risk management, multifamily building/repair/renovation

Business development strategy, communications strategy, digital marketing trends, social media trends, growing startups, brand management, public reputations

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