December wouldn’t be complete without retrospectives —whether it’s Time unveiling its Person of the Year or Spotify providing our personalized Wrapped experience, people love to reminisce about the high points of auld lang syne. As big fans of lists and analytics, Aker Ink joins in the fun by looking at our most popular blogs during 2021.

  1. Components of a Strategic PR Plan – A new year is a great time to update and reexamine your company’s PR plan, and our most popular blog breaks down the key elements that must be included.
  2. 5 Goals of a Press Release – Some believe press releases are obsolete, but we disagree and outline five things they can accomplish when thoroughly researched, written well and strategically published.
  3. Why Every Spokesperson Should Understand the “Block-and-Bridge Technique” – Regardless of what you’re asked in an interview, you can respond to questions in a way that benefits your organization and maintains credibility. Reviewing this blog before every interview helps you maintain control and avoid PR headaches.
  4. These 3 Steps Should Be Part of Any Post-Crisis Communication Strategy – Effective post-crisis communications can play a role in how quickly and successfully a company moves forward. Our three-pronged approach prepares you to recover with professionalism and confidence.
  5. Your Digital Business Card: How to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence – LinkedIn can boost your credibility and create opportunities to grow your business, but we provide a strategy to help showcase your expertise.
  6. How to Avoid Unintentionally Offending Your Audience – In today’s cancel culture, one misstep can be fatal. We provide three important questions before launching any campaign.
  7. Don’t Panic: What Not to Do in a Crisis – When a crisis hits, it’s easy to freeze or feel overwhelmed and irrational. Minimize long-term fallout and reputational damage by avoiding six mistakes.
  8. How COVID-19 Has Changed Content Marketing — And What It Means for Your Business – The pandemic forced a “decade of days” when it comes to the adoption of digital. Has your company kept pace? We share ideas for taking advantage of new opportunities.
  9. How Effective Communication Supports a Multi-Generational Workforce – Having four generations in the office can be a distinct advantage, but they have very different communication preferences. We provide recommendations for ensuring your outreach meets their needs.
  10. How to Respond to Negative Comments Online – Haters gonna hate, but we share tips for diffusing tension and even winning them over.

Of course, these 10 blogs are only the beginning; if continuous improvement and staying on top of industry developments are on your list of New Year’s resolutions, our newsroom is full of information and ideas to elevate your PR and marketing in 2022. We’d love to help take your company to the next level!