As Aker Ink experiences continued growth and expands its services, we’re proud to announce that Taylor Holmes has been promoted to Account Executive.

Taylor now plays a greater role in client strategies, including the development and implementation of comprehensive PR and marketing plans. She will serve as a touchpoint for clients as they navigate growth challenges and opportunities, and she will mentor Aker Ink team members in delivering high-quality results.

Taylor joined Aker Ink in 2017 as an Account Coordinator. During this time, she has honed specialized knowledge of social media, guiding clients through best practices for improving organic and paid reach, connecting with target audiences and maintaining networks day-to-day. Most recently, she has delved into influencer marketing, focusing on influencer identification, revenue generation, measurement and ROI.

“Taylor has experienced exceptional growth as a PR and marketing professional during the past two years, and I know this next phase of her career will bring even more growth and skill refinement as she plays a greater role in strategic direction and project management,” said Aker Ink President Andrea Aker. “Taylor’s knowledge of the digital landscape, including social media and beyond, is invaluable to our clients as the world continues to shift in favor of online communication. I’m extremely proud to have her on the team.”

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