With an undeniable talent for messaging, storytelling and identifying newsworthiness, Tim Gallen is a highly valued PR and content marketing professional with Aker Ink. His stellar track record and work ethic recently earned him a promotion to Senior Account Executive.

“For nearly three years, Tim has been a bright spot on this team,” said CEO Andrea Aker. “He continually exceeds our clients’ expectations and has elevated the level of service we provide. His creativity and command of the language are very much valued.”

Tim came to Aker Ink as Account Executive following a decade-long, award-winning career as a business reporter and editor. Since then, he has overseen PR and content marketing accounts in the finance, insurance, storage and health/wellness fields. As a Senior Account Executive, he will play a greater role in devising innovative strategies and campaign concepts to heighten companies’ brand awareness and thought leadership.

“Aker Ink’s tight-knit nature and emphasis on excellence have allowed me to thrive after making the jump from journalism to PR and marketing,” Tim said. “I’ve grown so much since joining the team, and I’m eager to keep telling the stories of our amazing clients and for further professional growth in my new role.”

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