A foundational brand element, the power of a logo should never be overlooked. It sets the tone and emotional connection that everyone associates with a company.

Understanding this power, we were recently honored with Best Logo at the American Marketing Association’s Spectrum Awards, an annual competition hosted by the Phoenix chapter featuring the best marketing campaigns, tactics and branding from the past year.

We secured the win for TheraSpark, a digital therapeutics solution poised to revolutionize treatment for ADHD.

So what makes this logo special?

  • It meets the company’s key objectives for communicating the brand: clean, modern, professional, high-tech yet approachable.
  • It considers the unique needs of a neurodiverse audience when it comes to legibility. “Neurodiverse” refers to individuals who have developmental differences. We took the time to reference studies showing that sans serif fonts and block lettering are preferred as well as high contrast among colors.
  • While incorporating needs of the patient, it also appeals to a professional and scientifically minded audience.
  • Keeping digital and mobile communications top of mind, this logo stands out in a digital environment yet will also transition to print and product promotions. The icon fits into a small square that would be used as a mobile app icon, easily distinguishable while scanning many apps on a phone.

See this logo in action on the TheraSpark website.

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