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Think about Coca-Cola, Gucci and Budweiser. What images and words pop into your head? What kinds of emotional connections do you associate with the companies? These feelings and perceptions represent the essence of each brand, and some very astute marketers made sure that most of us share the same feelings.

These brands didn’t emerge as household names overnight. The super star status was acquired with consistent research, evaluation and communication over the course of many years.

Now take an honest look at your brand…what pops into the minds of your customers, prospects and partners? What kinds of emotional connections do you want to develop? We can help you:

  • Clearly define your brand, target audiences and intentions
  • Develop a corporate identity that reflects the brand
  • Refine your brand voice and create a targeted messaging framework
  • Consistently and strategically communicate the brand to targeted audiences

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity represents all visual aspects of your brand. With a well-researched and strategic approach, we can guide you through the development of a new corporate identity or modernize a dated identity as part of a rebrand.

Brand Voice & Messaging

What you say and how you say it is just as important as what you look like. Your brand voice will even determine who you attract and why. Consider that a single phrase can capture attention in seconds, for better or worse.

As masterful storytellers, we understand how to wield the power of words to generate results. Ahead of executing PR and marketing plans, we develop a messaging framework that serves as the foundation for all future communications.

An Aker Ink messaging framework:

  • Ensures message consistency and cohesion across multiple mediums
  • Prevents marketplace confusion from disparate messaging
  • Represents stakeholders with myriad perspectives and interests
  • Gains consensus among diverse stakeholders from the start
  • Highlights and distinguishes benefits in addition to features
  • Saves considerable time developing communications in the future

Creative Services

We offer a full suite of graphic design and website development services to showcase your brand and ensure it’s upheld consistently throughout the execution of your PR and marketing campaigns.

PR & Marketing Strategy

Defining your brand is the first step. Generating widespread awareness is the next. We can conceptualize and execute a variety of public relations and marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand awareness and drive new business.

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Without a clearly defined brand, you risk wasting time and money on ineffective and poorly targeted campaigns. We take the time to identify and hone your company’s brand, so you successfully attract loyal brand ambassadors.

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned business professional considering a rebrand, our blog might provide the answers you need:

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