The Marriage of Traditional &
Digital Public Relations Strategies

The Marriage of Traditional & Digital Public Relations Strategies

Every company has a story, yet who really knows your story? Communicating in the public eye is both an art and science – and your public relations strategy needs to be executed with care and creativity.

Both traditional and digital public relations campaigns use “earned” communication tactics to tell your story as opposed to “paid” tactics, with the goals of enhancing your authority and building your reputation. PR is commonly associated with media outreach, as the objective stamp of a journalist can increase credibility and thought leadership beyond the controlled messaging of advertisements. While media is central, effective public relations campaigns take a multitude of factors and tactics into account. Our approach is rooted in both digital and traditional public relations strategies.


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Speaking Engagements
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Community Involvement

Media Relations at Local, National and Industry Levels

With former journalists and highly experienced PR pros with established relationships on staff, we know what really makes an intriguing story, how to craft angles both media and news consumers love and how to tie our efforts to greater marketing initiatives. Here’s how we stand out:

  • We help our clients stay top-of-mind among target audiences, consistently and strategically, with assertive media outreach that’s creative and abides by best practices journalists respect.
  • We uncover hidden story angles that support business development goals, opening doors to new markets and verticals.
  • We are thoughtful with our approach. For some companies, it’s most effective to be on TV or on the cover of a daily newspaper. For others, it’s more prudent to communicate within a niche industry newsletter or blog. We target media that makes sense for your goals.
  • We conduct trainings with spokespersons that goes beyond key point refinement and body language. We arm them with knowledge about the journalist’s goals and intentions to help them understand how to build long-term relationships.
  • We ensure media outreach is coordinated and integrated with other tactics, including content marketing and social media. Together, the overall PR and marketing experience is consistent and focused.

Check out a sampling of our recent media hits at the local, national and industry levels.

Digital Public Relations & Off-Page SEO

In today’s world, PR can play a pivotal role in search engine optimization (SEO). This is achieved through quality backlinking with credible media websites, acquisition of relevant online reviews and rankings, guest blogging and other efforts resulting in increased web traffic.

When executed strategically, PR is a central component of off-page SEO, amplifying a technical and overall SEO strategy. We understand how to integrate PR with other digital, social media and content marketing strategies to help customers find you online. We also understand SEO best practices and Google quality guidelines, which are essential for rising in the ranks.

Taking a long-term approach, we snub old-school and outdated attempts to game the system. Digital public relations produces lasting results on multiple fronts: increased website authority ranking, improved thought leadership, strategic reputation management and widespread brand awareness.

Our big differentiator? We combine traditional and digital public relations efforts to meet our clients’ goals.

Awards, Rankings & Recognitions

You’ve built an amazing business with an amazing team doing amazing things. Public recognition of these efforts is one of the fastest and surefire ways to enhance credibility and capture the attention of prospective clients. Yet being amazing, alone, isn’t enough. You need an experienced PR team to grab the public’s attention.

  • With a keen business sense and storytelling abilities, we’ve helped our clients secure hundreds (literally) of targeted awards, rankings and recognitions that fueled growth and attracted the right talent.
  • We can help you identify honors in your industry and tell your story in a compelling narrative so judges select your efforts over competitors.
  • Once secured, we know how to leverage your recognitions among numerous communications channels so your accomplishments are positioned strategically among clients, stakeholders and competitors.

Speaking Engagements

What better way to showcase your expertise than speaking directly to your target audience? We can guide you throughout all aspects of the speaking process:

  • Identify speaking engagements locally, nationally and within key trades and verticals that make sense for your business development goals.
  • Identify topics that break from the norm while filling gaps in the audience’s knowledge and positioning you as an expert and thought leader.
  • Develop nominations with compelling essays that capture organizers’ attention, showcase your expertise and stand out among competitors.
  • Create captivating presentations and talking points that drive home insights and incite action.
  • Maximize your exposure through media, social media and content marketing channels.

Community Relations

Community relations focuses on establishing mutually beneficial relationships with organizations to achieve more visibility within a community. There are charitable, leadership and civic opportunities for involvement that lead to increased exposure and enhance corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We can help you:

  • Balance business development goals with CSR
  • Identifying board and volunteer opportunities for individual leaders
  • Creating a structured, strategic charitable giving program to achieve triple-bottom line benefits
  • Sponsor community events that generate marketing opportunities.

We find community relations efforts are most effective when rooted in personal passion. We seek out opportunities that your team can rally behind, gaining personal fulfillment while supporting the business. You really can thrive with win-win-win community outreach strategies.

Integrating PR & Marketing for Optimal Exposure

Your PR efforts should not be siloed. We integrate public relations campaigns with content marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing tactics to ensure key message repetition and increase brand awareness among the right audiences. We also ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support all PR and marketing strategies. This is where many agencies fall short – they dive into execution without addressing cracks in the foundation. For instance, it’s pointless to pitch media if your website can’t collect leads. A speaking engagement will lose longevity if email database processes aren’t established. We fill the cracks and mobilize appropriate measurement tools before we execute our plans.

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