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We get the challenges and opportunities you face.
We get the awareness, leads and thought leadership you’re seeking.

We craft highly effective PR and marketing campaigns that help our clients increase brand awareness, enhance thought leadership and generate leads.

You’ll find the best of the best at Aker Ink. We take pride in our work, seek out creative solutions and place our clients’ trust in the highest regard.

We commonly work with companies in professional services, finance, law, healthcare, manufacturing, tech and trades, but we dive into other industries when drawn to a mission.

Integrated PR & Marketing Services

Our Approach

We understand every organization faces different challenges and opportunities that shape its position in the marketplace. We assess the current state of the business and develop a multi-faceted strategy aligned with short- and long-term goals. Ahead of implementing any plan, we ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support all tactics. This is where many other PR and marketing agencies fall short – they dive right into execution without addressing potential cracks in the foundation.

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About the Founder

Andrea Aker is an expert communicator and business strategist with a reputation for tenacity, perseverance and honesty. She’s willing to take on tough situations and thrives on new challenges – all traits that helped transform Aker Ink® into one of Arizona’s top boutique PR and marketing agencies.

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