With companies shifting more marketing budgets to digital channels, Aker Ink hired Daniel Ziffer to support range of digital strategies, enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and develop more compelling content to drive leads and awareness.

As Digital Marketing Strategist, Daniel plays a key role in website design, development, management and security. He brings a fresh perspective to a company’s new or longstanding challenges, ensuring the structure, functionality and user experience work in concert to achieve business goals. He also amplifies these efforts with creative elements, including infographics and video. Further, Daniel has expertise in SEO, helping companies reach the right people online.

“Daniel is our digital Swiss Army Knife, bringing a wide range of skills impacting a company’s digital footprint,” said Aker Ink CEO Andrea Aker. “He possesses a rare combination of artistry and a science-based approach. He can wow social users with captivating graphics and then troubleshoot complex UX issues on a website. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board.”

Daniel’s passion for design and development was first sparked as a teen and continued to grow over the next two decades. Prior to joining Aker Ink, he was the Senior Web & Marketing Coordinator for a digital marketing and advertising agency in Tucson, and he operated an independent consultancy focused on digital marketing for small businesses and the entertainment industry. Daniel also served as the Marketing Manager for a growing cannabis dispensary in northern Arizona, where he was responsible for implementing new marketing strategies and overseeing social media outreach.

“I jumped at the chance to join Aker Ink, as the professionalism, client profile and culture are hard to match,” Daniel said. “I love that the company is woman-owned and there is a major emphasis on community involvement at the individual and company levels. I enjoy the challenges and the overall experience is rewarding.”

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