Everyone has a story to tell — what’s yours?

Telling your company’s story is the first step to enriching your brand identity, expanding an audience and maintaining a loyal customer base.

But we have to be honest: defining and effectively articulating your story, even when it seems so obvious, can be the hardest part. So many companies focus on the logistical side of things — the numbers, meeting goals and making a profit — that sometimes the story gets obscured. Of course, while these aspects of any company are imperative, so is your company’s narrative. A skilled marketer understands there needs to be room for both — and how they enhance each other. The story your brand embodies is what truly speaks to the customer, resonates with them and keeps them coming back.

A story is not a sales pitch. It isn’t an advertisement. Your company story is so much more than your history. And it certainly isn’t boring.

Rather, a story should explore these questions:

  • What is your company motivated by?
  • What sets you apart from the rest of the crowd?
  • What can you do for your customers that others can’t?

The answers to these questions provide the foundation for your story. People love success stories, happy endings and characters they can relate to — these are all aspects that may have a meaningful impact on a potential customer.


So, What Makes a Good Story?

  • Get real – A good company story is authentic. Customers are pickier than ever, and they can distinguish authenticity from insincerity. They’re more likely to trust a company that they sense is telling the truth. You want to be honest with your audience about what your business is all about — beyond just making sales.
  • Get emotional – Our attention spans are getting shorter because we are constantly bombarded with an excess of information. This creates one of the biggest challenges for marketers and companies alike. Studies have revealed, though, that the best way to capture a potential customer’s attention — and hold it —is through an emotional connection. That’s because stories that speak to the heart tend to be more memorable.
  • Get creative – The best marketing strategies find ways to make your story sparkle. They draw your audience in, delight them and offer valuable information about your brand. This catalyzes engagement and extends a warm invitation for them to return again.
  • Get busy – There are a multitude of ways to tell your story. Collaborate with an experienced content marketer to ensure your story is optimized through all the right channels — whether this is through social media, a blog or otherwise — ensuring it reaches the most appropriate audience at key times.


Don’t Waste Time with Mediocre Content

Your company’s story — and the way you share it with the rest of the world — is a vital aspect of any content marketing strategy. The truth is that, with the internet, anyone can create mediocre content. Content that amplifies your story, on the other hand, separates it from the sea of information everyone encounters on a daily basis — when it’s told right, through any medium, it can be a powerful tool. A story that resonates with an audience is more likely to attract loyalists, enthusiasts and brand ambassadors. Then, they’ll share their stories too — only adding to your brand’s value.

Of course, sharing your story can make any enterprise feel vulnerable. But the most fruitful and long-lasting relationships are built on this vulnerability and honesty — brand loyalty is earned through nurturing a connection that goes further than a simple transaction.

Ultimately, avoid creating content just for the sake of creating it; keeping a story at the center of your strategy leads to intentional, driven and focused creation down the road.

Our team includes some talented storytellers and strategists, ready to perfect and strengthen any tale. Learn more about how we can make your brand shine the way it’s meant to.