Instagram isn’t only for sharing selfies and pictures of your #brunch. It’s also a place to snag a free case study for your business — as we proved with a recent giveaway (the first of its kind… but not the last!). After inviting our network to tag their favorite biz in the comments, we randomly chose one lucky winner. It couldn’t have played out better because we got to create a kick-butt case study with one of the most ambitious (and in our opinion, coolest) nonprofits this side of the Mississippi: Elevate Nepal.

In the case study, we told the story of two world travelers, Anthony Mancini and Dan Maurer, who founded Elevate Nepal after the devastating Gorkha Earthquake struck Nepal in 2015. After some discussion, we pinpointed the nonprofit’s most impressive project to date: Rebuilding a 12-classroom primary school in remote Sarsyu, Nepal. The case study explores how Elevate Nepal discovered this much-needed project, the steep challenges they tackled head-on and, ultimately, how they were able to re-open the school’s doors to more than 700 students, all before the region’s intense monsoon season. You can check out the full case study here. Just look at those happy kids!

This was the perfect opportunity for our team to unleash strategic storytelling skills and leverage content marketing expertise. Case studies are indispensable for organizations who want to highlight how they make a measurable, real-world difference. Our case study for Elevate Nepal doesn’t only celebrate the amazing accomplishments of a local nonprofit, but also positions them as humanitarian leaders who are setting the standard for how other organizations can do effective international work. We can certainly rally behind their mission and with this case study, donors are more likely to as well. A case study could potentially help an organization like Elevate Nepal get needed funding to embark on more impactful projects.

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