When you meet a potential client or business contact, it’s common to exchange business cards. Yet today, that process has expanded to the digital world – now many people connect on LinkedIn, too. Think of LinkedIn as an online extension of your business card. It provides a direct line of communication and 24/7 access to your résumé.

LinkedIn may seem like just another “time sucking” social media platform. However, with more than 610 million users, LinkedIn is a real contender, especially in the B2B space. The platform makes it easy to showcase your expertise, including job experience, licenses, awards, special projects and more.

When used effectively, LinkedIn can boost your credibility and create opportunities to grow your business.

How a PR Team Can Help

Creating an effective LinkedIn profile and maintaining a presence on the platform is easier said than done. A PR team can be especially helpful here, applying their knowledge of branding, strategic communication and social media to create a profile that reflects your expertise while prioritizing business goals. PR pros can assist in numerous capacities:

  • Assist with updates to your profile, deftly integrating company messaging throughout your bio and experience while maintaining your unique voice
  • Create a strategy to connect with your network, including a posting strategy or even daily management on your behalf
  • Position you for future board service and thought leadership opportunities via strategic profile content and posts

Using LinkedIn Effectively

Ready to dive into LinkedIn? Starting off on the right foot will help you foster the right connections and build a rock-solid personal brand. Remember, a PR team can help you build out a strategy that touches all these factors:

  • Check in daily – Even if it’s for just five minutes, make a point to scroll through your LinkedIn feed every day. Like relevant posts, leave comments and share info that applies to your network.
  • Connect with your contacts – Meet someone new at a conference? Find them on LinkedIn and request to connect. Just as you’d add a new contact or sales lead to your CRM, connect on LinkedIn to maintain the relationship and help them remember you!
  • Set a posting schedule – Set a goal for yourself to post once a week to start. Posts can range from company blog posts to interesting articles or business tips you’ve come across.
  • Be yourself – Your personal page is just that: personal! Don’t be afraid to be conversational. Doing so will help you forge more meaningful connections.  
  • Update your profile regularly – Your skills, specialties and even your employer will likely change over time. Check out your profile a few times a year and make necessary updates, including community involvement, awards, licenses and more.

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? You’re doing yourself – and your company – a disservice if your profile isn’t complete. Learn more about Aker Ink’s social media marketing services.