Did you know 14 is the number of forgetfulness?

It’s true, and this month we are celebrating a 14 we could never forget as July marks Aker Ink’s 14th anniversary.

The past year was fraught with challenges stemming from an unprecedented global pandemic that impacted every facet of our lives and business. Despite those difficulties, the team at Aker Ink rose to the challenge and continued to do what we do best — serving clients and helping them overcome their business obstacles.

In short, we had quite a year. But rather than mark our 14th anniversary with a rundown of the past year, we decided to have some more 14-inspired fun.

In case it’s been a while since your high school English class, a sonnet is a poem made up of 14 lines. What better way to commemorate 14 years than with 14 lines of a sonnet?

We tasked Account Executive Tim Gallen with commemorating our accomplishments of the past year in sonnet form.

And so, without further ado, we present…


Aker Ink’s Sonnet No. 14 

Shall I compare 2020 to another year?

Despite the plague, Aker Ink didst survive;

New clients and colleagues, we drew near,

Ne’er mind that we rarely saw each other live.

Our relations to the public shared our clients’ tales,

Scrupulous mast’ry doth guide us atop Arizona’s ranks,

Collective efforts push’d higher clients’ sales,

Whilst succor’d charities didst evince their thanks.

Our dear Lady Aker gain’d honor for her leader’s gifts,

Guiding her troupe through with craft and skill,

This strange year birth’d many changes and shifts,

Though none prov’d enough to overmatch our will.

Heed, heed! Whate’er the next year mayest bring,

Be assured Aker Ink shall remain a firm most promising!