Marketing communications audits ensure a company’s messaging keeps pace with a swiftly changing world, yet many businesses don’t take the time to conduct them — leaving myriad marketing benefits on the table. Writing for the UpCity, a national directory of trusted and credible B2B service providers, Aker Ink’s Content Manager Taylor Haynes educated business professionals on the finer details of marketing communications audits, including why they’re valuable, when they’re most appropriate and areas to examine during the process.

Taylor says marketing communications audits are a crucial step in:

  • Refocusing communications and re-establishing trust with a target audience following a crisis
  • Uncovering areas that need to be updated prior to a rebrand
  • Dispelling persistent confusion that’s stalling the sales cycle
  • Responding to evolving industries and societal expectations

With expertise, honesty and a detail-oriented approach, Aker Ink PR & Marketing helps businesses of all types through complex and lengthy audits. This process can establish a necessary foundation for long-term success.

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