One of the most effective email marketing tactics for selling products and educating target audiences is a newsletter. To increase newsletter subscribers, you need to make the signup process easy, intuitive and offer value. Here, we explain how.


Easy Signups

Requiring a visitor to provide multiple pieces of information in order to subscribe can deter them. While it’s desirable to gather as much data as possible, you are more likely to secure subscribers if you simply ask for an email. Not only does this reduce steps, but some people don’t want brands to know personal information like names and phone numbers. This simplified form helps ensure you collect the address and have an opportunity to sell and/or educate.

Second, you need to make sure people can easily find the signup. A website should have multiple opportunities for opt-ins. Consider a footer form, timed popups, newsroom callouts and contact page opt-ins.


Thoughtful Promotion

You must tap multiple resources to expand your newsletter audience. Think about how your company currently gets in front of customers. From social media to product packaging to tradeshow booths, there are many opportunities to grow your lists.

For instance, on social media you can post about your newsletter and tease exclusive content, resources or discounts that are only available to subscribers. With constant changes in social media algorithms, it’s beneficial to encourage followers to join your newsletter list to stay in the loop so you can continue to market to them. Most business social posts are not seen by the majority of followers.

If your business attends events, conferences or tradeshows, you can incorporate subscription options into your digital lead capture process.  Again, promote exclusive newsletter-only deals to entice people to sign up via QR codes.

Another idea: Include a signup link in employee email signatures. Anyone you email on a relationship or transactional basis has a reminder to subscribe.


Compelling Value

People typically subscribe to newsletters for two reasons: They get a discount or access to valuable content. When on the quest to increase subscribers, you must look at it from the audience’s perspective. What’s in it for them? You need to provide a clear reason they should subscribe.

For example, ecommerce companies can entice people to subscribe to a newsletter by teasing a special discount. Perhaps you offer a customer 20% off their first order, which would then trigger an automated drip campaign to entice them to use it in a timely manner.

In the B2B world, your messaging should reflect the educational content they will receive in your newsletter, such as new trends, industry analysis, predictions or case study snippets.

Newsletters can be a crucial part of a business’ marketing strategy. Email marketing is not going anywhere, so businesses need to harness its power, attract the right audiences and make it easy for them to subscribe. An experienced marketing team can help evaluate your current email marketing strategy and determine ways to advance efforts.