You’ve scored a Zoom-based TV interview — way to go! But wait, there’s a catch. Now, you’re not just the interviewee, but you’re also your own lighting, audio and make-up crew.

Fear not, this guide will help you look and sound your best in any virtual interview — so even if you’re wearing pajama bottoms, your bedroom doubles as your office or your kids are running rampant in the background, you can make the best impression with viewers and become a go-to source for reporters.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Dress the Part 

Television interviews mean business, and your attire should too. Solid, muted colors like blues, greens or gray are your new best friend. Avoid intricate patterns like stripes and plaids that can create moiré patterns on camera as well as black and white, which can interfere with the camera’s contrast settings.

Align Your Camera 

Place your camera right at eye level to let your confidence and professionalism shine. Aligning the camera with your eyes, sometimes supported with a stack of books or dedicated laptop stand, oozes engagement and the kind of communication that says, “I see you and I respect you.”

Maintain Good Posture 

Good posture during an interview projects authority and readiness. Sit upright, make friends with the back of your chair and plant those feet firmly on the ground. Avoid slouching or leaning, which can look unprofessional. Your spine — and your charisma score — will thank you!

Gauge Your Distance 

Position your webcam at arm’s length for a natural and comfortable distance. This will help you avoid giving everyone an unsolicited nostril zoom-in or sound like you’re calling from the next room over. Another good rule of thumb is to ensure your face and upper body are visible without crowding the frame.

Frame Your Shot Correctly 

Position your eyes around the top third of the screen, and don’t give the camera a chance to chop off that lovely head of yours. Proper framing can make the difference between a distracting shot and a professional one.

Optimize Lighting 

Direct your main light source either in front of you or at a 45-degree angle. This keeps your face well-lit and easily visible to other participants. Be wary of bright lights or windows behind you, which can wash out your image. If soft, natural light isn’t available, adjustable LED lights can also do the trick.

Choose a Suitable Background 

Think sleek and distraction-free rather than showcasing an overloaded laundry rack. Remember to use neutral colors and keep personal items to a minimum. If your current space is neither clean nor uncluttered, consider using a tasteful virtual background.

Striking the Right Chord

Find a Quiet Location 

The room you choose for your interview has a significant impact on how you sound. Avoid spaces with tile floors or high ceilings that can create an echo. Instead, select a room with soft furnishings, like a carpeted bedroom or a small office. These quiet havens can help carry your voice more clearly.

Position Your Microphone 

Nothing hinders an otherwise productive video interview more than an annoying echo or a “P” sound consistently popping into the mic. So, make sure you find the right distance from your microphone. You’ll need to be close enough to make your voice clear, but not so close that the sound becomes distorted.

Use Discreet Earbuds 

Earbuds, due to their small size, are hardly noticeable and can significantly improve the sound quality of your call while reducing the level of ambient noise — AKA, the noise of everyday chaos that may be ensuing around you. This can help isolate your voice, making you more understandable to other participants.

Dialing in your interview presence can elevate your game, but a touch of expert insight can be a game-changer.

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