In preparation for launching a new digital therapeutics app, Washington-based Winston Center turned to Aker Ink PR & Marketing for strategy and support to educate target audiences, attract the right investors, partners and patients, and establish thought leadership on a national stage.

Winston Center is a nationally recognized clinic helping children and adults address, manage and overcome ADHD, dyslexia and related learning challenges. With more than a decade of healthcare and telehealth experience, Aker Ink was the perfect choice to educate new audiences about the company’s ability to address the growing need for customized treatment regardless of location.

As a starting point, Aker Ink established a new brand aesthetic and relaunched the Winston Center website, taking considerable care to blend a compassionate and hopeful tone with the company’s innovative and tech-forward approach. Further, Aker Ink developed powerful messaging to tell the Winston Center story in a compelling manner and effectively position the services among target audiences.

“Ahead of launching PR and marketing campaigns, we ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support our goals and ensure successful execution,” said Aker Ink CEO and President Andrea Aker. “For Winston Center, we modernized messaging, aesthetics and marketing functions to match the company’s unparalleled service. They have an incredible mission and so many success stories, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to generate more awareness on a grand scale.”

Moving forward, Aker Ink will oversee and execute multi-faceted campaigns involving PR, media relations, digital marketing and inbound strategies to raise awareness of services, upcoming expansions and the integration of the digital therapeutics solution within the practice. In fact, Aker Ink has already secured national media coverage. Additionally, Aker Ink will initiate educational content campaigns aimed at eliminating stigma associated with ADHD, dyslexia and related challenges.

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