After a year of upheaval, there’s an ardent desire to move forward. As businesses shift from mitigating crises to seizing opportunities, Aker Ink CEO Andrea Aker offers In Business readers guidance in reexamining their strategies and investigating new avenues for storytelling.

In the article, Andrea explains how business leaders should reacquaint themselves with their base, continue to bolster digital tactics and polish their e-commerce approach. Aptly, she states, “‘Normalcy’ isn’t really a thing. Our present is our normal, and businesses can’t look back to build their strategies.”

Read the full article: Now Is the Time to Seize Opportunity.

Recognized by AzBusiness Leaders as one of the top PR professionals in the state, Andrea is frequently asked to provide insight into public relations and marketing topics. In Business also sought her out for a feature on key digital marketing trends for 2021, and she recently wrote a guest column for Phoenix Business Journal about the importance of examining culture, practices and processes before backing social causes.

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