After a year of upheaval and turbulence, we persevered, grew and came out stronger. A testament to this strength, the Phoenix chapter of the Public Relations Society of America named Aker Ink 2021 Agency of the Year at this year’s annual Copper Anvil Awards. We also secured honors for Integrated Communications Campaign and Digital/Social Campaign.

“PR and marketing professionals have faced great challenges amid a pandemic, including market fluctuations, political unrest and other societal shifts that have impacted virtually every person and every business in this country,” said Aker Ink CEO Andrea Aker. “We play a central role in keeping companies afloat, managing unexpected waves and identifying new opportunities for expansion. It’s a great honor to be recognized for our efforts at this level, especially now.”

Aker Ink earned Agency of the Year for the creativity, execution and results of PR campaigns, industry thought leadership, new service offerings and the team’s quick action and adaptability amid COVID challenges. Against the backdrop of worldwide challenges, we found opportunities to thrive and learn.

“Awards like Agency of the Year underscore what Aker Ink repeatedly hears from media and clients — our work is thoughtful, strategic and high caliber,” said Aker Ink Director of PR Valliere Jones. “Companies around the country turn to us to tell their stories, and are yielding outstanding results from their investment.”

Copper Anvil awards for Integrated Communications and Digital/Social Campaigns demonstrate our strategic execution as well as a deep understanding of what will stick, what won’t and how to target audiences effectively. For the Integrated Communications recognition, we demonstrated how a well-built media relations strategy for a law firm can support widespread growth, credibility and awareness. For Digital/Social, we showcased the art and science of demographic targeting, and how we helped a financial institution exponentially increase exposure and leads by precisely targeting the right people.

Other highlights from the past year (also artfully encapsulated in this anniversary sonnet) include:

“The past year and a half have been a whirlwind, and our perseverance has been critical for ourselves, our team and our clients,” Andrea continued. “We’re grateful for the successes and welcome a new year of opportunity.”

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